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About our vision

Women live within infinite worlds,
everchanging and coexisting,
and we wish to dress everyone of them.
Care for details and an everyday
search for the aesthetics is
what we think all women embody.
It is a drive to create something
new out of a timeless truth:
to show your inner beauty
here and anywhere, everyday.

Beauty is
the unassuming feeling
that lives within
every woman.

It inspires
our collections,
our vision.
Maria Catia Cogo
Creative Director
Researching the best textiles
and working with the best
we know has been our work
in the last 10 years.
We still go on today, we create worthy,
lasting pieces that go
beyond what fashions dictate.
Our production takes place entirely
in the Veneto region, a territory
where craftsmanship developed
through years, aiming
at maintaining its true values,
the values of Made in Italy.
Our artisans are close,
yet our clients live everywhere: Italy,
Europe, Russia, and North-America;
we work only with boutiques
that share our love for details
and our passion for tailoring.
logo maison cogo red